Wilson Performance All Star Basketball

Wilson All Star Basketball
Is The Wilson All Star Suitable For All Surfaces?

On the Wilson Performance All Star basketball it states the ball has an ‘All Surface Cover’. So it is pretty clear this basketball is suitable for use on all surfaces. This includes concrete, asphalt, grass and rubber. The All Star is one of my favourite rubber basketballs, it is durable and also has a great ‘grippy’ grip. I would suggest this is one of the best basketballs for recreational use. It would also be a great option for schools to use, if looking for quality and value.

Wilson All Star Basketball
Why Do We Like The Wilson All Star Basketball?

As mentioned the grip on the All Star basketball is much grippier than others in this price range. So in our opinion gives better value for money. We also quite like the graphics on the ball. Although simple in design the white banding around the black text does make the ball stand out more. In the past the All Star text was in gold print, which was our preference. The new design isn’t too bad as an alternative though.

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What Do Wilson Say About The Performance All Star Basketball?

The copy in the Wilson brochure is fairly generic and doesn’t give to much away. It is only from using the Performance All Star ball, when you truely discover what type of ball it is.

  • Sponge rubber cover
  • Incredible grip in game conditions
  • Pebbled channels provide increased grip and control
  • Pressure lock bladder – Bladder locks in air to maintain optimal ball pressure
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Rubber basketballs come in a huge variety of designs, colours and quality. It is fair to say the Wilson Performance All Star basketball is a very good ball. In fact it ranks very highly in our reviews for rubber basketballs, with value for money high on the list. It is only available in size 7, which is probably the only negative thing we could say about the ball.

Wilson Performance All Star Basketball

rrp £17.95





Value For Money





  • All surface rubber cover
  • Size 7 Only
  • Pebbled surface
  • Great 'grippy' grip
  • Indoor/Outdoor use


  • Only available in size 7

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