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What Size Football Should I Buy?

There are a large number of football size guides on the internet and most seem to have missed the updated information issued by The FA which came into effect on the 1st June 2020. On this date the new guidance on heading a football by youth players came into effect and had an impact on the size of football used by the under 10 age group.

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What Size Football Do You Need To Use?

New heading guidance was introduced to reduce the amount of head injuries in players as they got older. Reports suggest, heading at a young age when not fully developed, can increase the risk of long term head injuries. This makes perfect sense and clearly helps football coaches plan sessions and develop their players, into better footballers.

Age GroupAge Of PlayerSize of Football
Under 5 YearsAges 3 and 4Size 2 (Midi)
Under 6Aged 5Size 3
Under 7Aged 6Size 3
Under 8Aged 7Size 3
Under 9Aged 8Size 3
Under 10Aged 9Size 3
Under 11Aged 10Size 4
Under 12Aged 11Size 4
Under 13Aged 12Size 4
Under 14Aged 13Size 4
Under 15Aged 14Size 5
Under 16 and upAged 15+Size 5
Why Are The Football Ages Incorrect On My Football?

It is easy to check a football to double check what size you should be using is correct. Every ball manufacturer prints the size of football near to or around the valve opening. This will, in most cases, show the age ranges too. When checking the size guidance printed on the ball, we are aware it was updated on the 1st June 2020. Please refer to the size guide table above to make sure you are using the correct size.

The balls manufactured prior to 1st June 2020 will have the old size range printed on the ball. Information printed on the ball was correct when manufactured. All footballs manufactured after this date should have the current guidance printed on them. Balls printed prior to 1/June/2020, it may take a couple of years for retailers to sell all of the stock. So your ball may not have the correct current size markings on the ball.

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