Match Footballs Used In The Top 16 European Leagues?

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What Official Match Footballs Are Used In The Top 16 European Leagues?

At the start of researching this article, I was interested to find how many different European match footballs there were. I assumed Nike would supply most if not all of the top European football leagues. The money spent on sponsorship and marketing the Nike brand is astonishing and it is no wonder they dominate the world club football market. However, in reality they do not supply the official match footballs for all of the European leagues. So, we took a look at each country to see which ball was used in their top league.

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We list these in no particular order but as we are UK based we will start with the Premier League. We have included match footballs from the top 16 European football leagues, although you may disagree with our choice. If you think others should have been included, leave a message and we shall consider adding them to the list.

What Football Is Used In The English Premier League – England

The Premier League in England is one of the top leagues in Europe. It is definitely the most watched around the world but it doesn’t mean it is the best. The Premier League is one of the youngest of the main football leagues as it was formed in 1992. This followed a break away from the long established Football League. 49 clubs have competed in the English Premier League, with 7 different clubs winning the title. Manchester United being the most successful being champions 13 times.

As of 2020/21 the Premier League had 20 teams competing for the title. 3 teams are relegated each season to the Championship in the EFL (English Football League). The match football used in the Premiership is supplied by Nike. Mitre were the previous ball suppliers until Nike took over in 2000 . The Official Match Football of the English Premier League is called the Nike Flight Football and retails for around £125. One design feature we like is the deep moulded grooves, which claim to improve flight and reduce unexpected air movement.

Official Premier League Match Football
What Football Is Used In The Spanish La Liga – Spain

La Liga in Spain is reported to be the world’s 6th wealthiest football league in professional sport. La Liga is surpassed by the NFL, MLB, NBA, Premier League and NHL, this ranking is based on revenues generated. Only 62 teams have competed in the top flight, since the La Liga’s formation. Only 9 of those 62 winning the title – Real Madrid being the most successful with 34 titles to their name. The 3 lowest teams in La Liga are relegated to the Segunda Division.

The Official match footballs for La Liga this year are supplied by Puma. Unusually there are 2 models used in La Liga being the Puma Accelerate and the Puma Adrenalina. The Accelerate is the main football and will be used in most matches. The Adrenalina will be used in high octane games like El Clasico and other local derbies. Both balls retail for around £100 each

What Football Is Used In The German Bundesliga – Germany

The German Bundesliga has 18 clubs, with the bottom 2 teams being relegated to the Bundesliga 2nd division. 56 clubs have competed in the Bundesliga since it started in 1963, with 12 different clubs becoming champions of Germany. Bayern Munich are the most successful having won the Bundesliga 29 times and have also been runner up 10 times. Bayern Munich have been champions every year since 2011-12, when Borussia Dortmund were last crowned champions.

The Official Match football of the Bundesliga is manufactured by a company called Select Sport. This is supplied under the German subsidiary brand name DerbyStar. The model used in the German league is called the Bundesliga Brilliant APS and retails for around £125

Official Match Football of the Bundesliga
What Football Is Used In The Italian Serie A – Italy

The top division in Italy is known as Serie A and has 20 teams competing for the title. The 3 lowest teams are then relegated to Serie B which is Italy’s 2nd tier. Since 1929-30, 66 teams have played in the top division with Internazionale being the only side to compete in all 89 championships.  Juventus are the most successful club in Italy though, having won the Serie A title 35 times. They also won one other championship before the league was restructured to the current round robin format. The league was regionalised prior to the 1929-30 season, when it changed to the current format.

The Official match football of Serie A is manufactured by Nike and is called the Nike Flight. This is the same ball as used in the English Premier League but with a different colour scheme. It also retails for around £125.

Official Match Football of Serie A
What Football Is Used In The French Ligue 1 – France

The French football league is headed by Ligue 1 and was founded in 1930, although it was known as Lique 1 until 2002, as it was called National prior to this. 20 teams compete for the coveted trophy with the bottom 2 being relegated automatically and the 3rd (18th position) has a 2 legged play –off with the 3rd placed side in Lique 2. In total 73 clubs have played football in Lique 1 since it’s foundation with Paris Saint-German being the only side not to be relegated through points however, they were relegated by administration though following an acrimonious split from Paris FC. They returned to Lique 1, 2 years later and fate would have it, Paris FC went down to Lique 2.

The official match football of Lique 1 is manufactured by Uhlsport and known as the Uhlsport Elysia Uber Eats ball. This is becoming more common as the league has a match ball and title sponsorship deal with Uber Eats. It also retails for around £125

Official Match Football of Ligue 1
What Football Is Used In The Portuguese Primeira Liga – Portugal

The Portuguese Primeira Liga is the top league in Portugal but is now known as the Liga NOS following a sponsorship deal with a telecommunications company. 18 teams compete for the title with the bottom 2 sides being relegated to Liga Portugal 2. Around 70 teams have competed for the title but only 5 clubs have actually won the championship. All of the 5 champions have come from the Lisbon or Porto regions. Benfica are the most successful club with 37 trophies and have also been runners up 29 times. Porto are next with 29 wins and 27 runners up places. Sporting Clube de Portugal are the last club outside of these two to have won the title, in season 2001/02 .

The Official match football of Primeira Liga NOS is manufactured by Select Sports under the Select brand name. The match ball used in the Portuguese league is the same ball as used in the German Bundasliga. The Primeira Liga ball is called the Select Brilliant Super TB and retails around £125.

Official Match Football of Primeira Liga NOS
What Football Is Used In The Russian premier League – Russia

The Russian Premier League was founded in 2001 and has taken various forms until the current 16 team format was agreed. The lowest 2 teams are relegated to the Russian National Football League. Since the formation of the new Russian premier League, there have been 5 different winners of the title. CSKA Moscow and Zenit St Petersburg have won 6 championships each.

The Official match football of the RPL is also the Nike Flight football. Is has a different colour scheme to other Nike balls used in other leagues. The Nike Flight Elite football retails are around £120 but isn’t currently available

Offical Match Football of the Russian Premier League
What Football Is Used In The Ukranian Football league – Ukraine

The Ukranian Football League has taken various forms since the breakup of the Soviet Union. The UFL currently has 14 teams playing in the top division. Across all formats, there have been 43 clubs take part at some stage of the leagues development. Tavriya Simferopol were the 1st winners but since, the title has been won by Dynamo Kyiv or Shakhtar Donetsk. Dynamo becoming champions 15 times and Shakhtar 13 times.

As far as we can tell the Official match football is supplied by Nike. It’s likely to be the Nike Flight match ball too, I am unable to source the current image or rrp.

What Other Brands Of Footballs Are Used In the Top European Leagues?

It has been difficult to obtain the images of match footballs used in European leagues ranked below the Ukranian League. We thought it would be best to just list the balls rather than infringe any copyright agreements in place

CountryLeagueBall Brand and ModelRRP £
EnglandPremier LeagueNike - Flight£125
SpainLa LigaPuma - Accelerate/Adrenalina£100
GermanyBundasligaSelect Derbystar - Brilliant APS£125
ItalySerie ANike - Flight£125
FranceLigue 1Uhlsport - Elysia Uber Eats£125
PortugalPermeira LigaSelect - Brilliant Super TB£125
RussiaRussian Premier LeagueNike - Flight£125
UkraineUkranian Football LeagueNike - Flight
NetherlandsEredivisieSelect Derbystar - Brilliant APS£125
GreeceSuperleague GreeceNike - Flight£125
TurkeySuper LigNike - Flight£125
DenmarkDanish SuperligaSelect - Brilliant Super TB£125
BelgiumBelgian Pro LeagueSelect - Brilliant Super TB£125
SwitzerlandSwiss Super LeagueMolten - 5000£120
AustriaAustrian Football BundesligaSelect - Brilliant Super TB£115
ScotlandScottish Premier LeagueMitre - Delta Max£125
Molten Official Swiss Football League Match Ball 2020/21

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