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What Is Sports Thoughts About?

The Sports Thoughts section is for features on topics and information, that we have found interesting. For example do you know what footballs are used in the top leagues around Europe? No. We did the research for you as we were intrigued to see which brand supplied most of the balls.

Do you know how much it costs to get the FIBA Approved stamp on a basketball? No. Again we researched and discovered the real costs involved. It was eye opening and question why any brand would pay so much. Whilst we were at it, we then found out what tests a basketball has to pass to finally be allowed to wear the badge of honour.

Have You Any Sports Ball Questions You Would Like Answered?

If you have any questions relating to any sports ball, that hasn’t been covered so far, please message us and we will attempt to answer.

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We could have called this page the Sports Ball Blog but decided it was more apt to go with Sports Thoughts. Our opinions are varied and come from a number of people. If you would like to suggest further articles that we can research, please do let us know. It can be from any sport that uses a ball, so it stays on topic. We look forward to your feedback and comments.