Spalding TF150 Outdoor Basketball

Spalding TF-150 Basketball
What Makes The Spalding TF150 Basketball So Durable?

The Spalding TF150 outdoor basketball is one of the most durable balls available at this time as it is constructed from a high quality rubber compound outer. This outer surface makes it ideal for use on concrete and asphalt courts. It is also one of the recommended basketballs for use at home or for recreational use.

Spalding TF-150 Basketball
Can The Spalding TF150 Basketball Be Used Indoors?

When a basketball is classified as an outdoor basketball, this means it is suitable for outdoor courts. Obviously the wear on a basketball when used indoors, is going to be a lot less, so any outdoor basketball can also be used indoors.

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Why Isn’t This Basketball In The Outdoor Section?

We were torn between which section to put this ball into. As it is a rubber basketball which can also be used outdoors. The outdoor section is predominantly for synthetic leather balls, as there is often confusion on the suitability of the leather balls for indoor or outdoor use. Lets be clear though, the Spalding TF150 Outdoor Basketball is a great ball. But it is rubber based so stays in the rubber basketball section.

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The grip is decent and stands up with the best models around. It is one of the most durable basketballs we have tried this year too. Value for money is good and is very reasonably priced. The graphics however are on the dull side and the colour is quite deep. It is available in all 3 sizes too so makes them ideal for school and club use. I wouldn’t be disappointed to receive this ball however there are others you might want to consider.

Spalding TF150 Outdoor Basketball

rrp £16.99





Value For Money





  • Training Ball
  • Sizes 5, 6 and 7
  • Pebbled surface
  • Rubber Compound
  • Indoor/Outdoor use

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