Spalding Neverflat Basketball Indoor/Outdoor

Spalding Neverflat Basketball
Does The Spalding Neverflat Basketball Need Inflating?

The Spalding Neverflat basketball arrives inflated to the correct psi so initially doesn’t need inflating. The ball has a rubber plug in the valve to ensure air doesn’t escape and Spalding say the ball shouldn’t need more air within the first 12 months. It also helps avoid dust and dirt from entering the valve. However, if you doo need to add air to the Neverflat ball follow these instructions

  • Locate the valve, which should have a black plug fitted
  • Carefully pull out slightly (DO NOT REMOVE) and push to one side
  • Lubricate your needle with glycerine and carefully insert into the valve
  • Pump the ball a few times until the ball has a psi of 8. To check this you can use a ball pressure gauge.
  • When finished, remove the needle and push the black plug fully back into the valve.
  • Please note if the valve has been removed within the first 12 months, this will invalidate your warranty.
Spalding Neverflat Basketball
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I Heard The Neverflat Uses NitroFlate Technology, What Is This?

The Spalding NitroFlate technology is used on the Neverflat basketball and is claimed to make use of larger air molecules, making the ball less likely to leak air. Most basketballs will naturally partially deflate over a 12 month period, where as Spalding suggest the Neverflat will not lose air over this period. It retains the same bounce properties over this period too, unlike traditional basketballs.

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There Are 2 Versions Of The Neverflat In The UK, Which One Is This?

This Neverflat basketball is the one classified as indoor/outdoor use. This is the higher specification basketball and should not be compared directly with the outdoor only version. The indoor/outdoor Neverflat has a better grip and is also constructed with a composite leather material unlike the cheaper ball.

Spalding Neverflat Basketball

rrp £64.99





Value For Money





  • Training Ball
  • Size 7 Only
  • Pebbled surface with superb grip
  • Composite leather
  • Indoor/Outdoor use


  • NOT FIBA Approved

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