Spalding NBA Super Grip Control Basketball

Spalding Grip Control Basketball
Is The Grip Control An Indoor Or Outdoor Basketball?

The Spalding NBA Grip Super Control basketball is a really nice basketball and is suitable for use indoors and out. Moreover the ball is one of the best we have seen that can be used outside. The grip is fairly robust and the look of the ball is very traditional, with a deep tan colour, maybe a shade between brown and red. The Grip Control is constructed with a high end composite leather.

Tell Me More About The Grip Control

The Spalding NBA Super Grip Control is only available in size 7 sadly. The ball is almost the same quality as the Spalding Neverflat, except the Neverflat has a special valve bung to stop it deflating. If I had the choice of Spalding basketballs I would opt for the Neverflat but, this would be my 2nd choice if the other was out of stock. The deep cushioned channels are really good on this ball and seemed to improve the handling of the ball too.

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What Do Spalding Say About The Grip Control Basketball?

As mentioned in other reviews, basketball brands rarely expand too much on the assets a ball has. In fact it is often very difficult to find the technical information.

  • Made from composite leather
  • Deep pebble design
  • Indoor/Outdoor basketball
  • Available in size 7 only
  • Similar feel to the Never Flat basketball without the valve technology
  • Great game play characteristics
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Are Spalding The Official Ball Supplier Of The NBA?

Spalding are the Official basketball suppliers of the NBA until July 2021. At this point the contract will switch to Wilson. Consequently a brand to supply the NBA is very important for their business model. It can, however, over inflate the rrp of the basketball, meaning the buyer pays more just to have the NBA logo. How this effects the Spalding basketballs in future, only time will tell. During 2021 they will release a new range of similar quality without the NBA logo. We can only hope the rrp is reduced though, giving better value for money.

Spalding Grip Control Basketball

rrp £54.99





Value For Money





  • Outdoor basketball
  • Size 7 only
  • Pebbled surface
  • Composite leather
  • Traditional brown/red colour


  • NOT FIBA Approved
  • Not available in size 5

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