Rugby Balls

Are Gilbert Rugby Balls The Only Brand I should Consider?

Gilbert is the worlds leading brand in rugby, everyone knows their name and I’m sure most clubs in the world have used or are currently using their rugby balls. But, are they the only brand you should consider buying? We don’t think so, following our review of the balls on offer. There are a multitude of grips that you may or may not prefer so it is worth taking a look at our reviews. There are so many brands available that you may be missing out on a bargain rugby ball for your club. On the other hand you may decide that the Gilbert balls are the best for your level of play but at least you can make an informed decision.

Gilbert Barbarian Rugby Ball
What Brand Of Rugby Balls Are There?

There are a large number of rugby brands and most produce high quality balls. Some of the brands are actually made in the same factory in India, to the same specification. However, the amount spent on sponsorship by one of these brands can inflate the price the consumer pays by quite a large margin. The brands we have looked at include;

  • Gilbert
  • Mitre
  • Rhino
  • Lusum
  • Webb Ellis
  • Canterbury
  • We do intend to add other brands over time.
Rhino Rugby Balls
Rugby Training Balls Already Reviewed
Rugby Training BallsRRPSizesQualityRanking
Rhino Cyclone Training Ball£13.953, 4 and 53 Ply8.6
Gilbert GTR4000 Training Ball£15.003, 4 and 53 Ply8.5
Lusum Munifex Training Ball£13.993, 4 and 53 Ply8.5
Gilbert GTR3000 Training Ball£13.003, 4 and 52 Ply8.4
Mitre Grid Training Ball£11.003, 4 and 53 Ply7.9
Can I Buy A Rugby Union Ball And Use It In Rugby League?

If you are playing Rugby League, it isn’t recommended to use a ball manufactured for Rugby Union. The league balls are generally more pointed than a ball used in Union. Rugby League has 2 specific brands that seem to have the sport well catered for too; Rhino and Steeden. In years past though it wasn’t uncommon for the Mitre Multiplex to be used in both sports, as it was one of the best balls available and both codes wanted a piece of it.

Rugby Match Balls Already Reviewed
Match Rugby BallsRRPSizesQualityRanking
Gilbert Barbarian 2.0£54.99Size 5 only3 Ply Plus8.7
Gilbert Omega £29.99Size 3, 4 and 53 Ply8.3