Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball Aid

Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Aid
What Is A Reflex Rugby Training Ball?

We purchased a Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball today and went straight out and tried it. Honestly we had to see if they are as good as claimed and they are. Obviously we inflated the ball first. The Reflex rugby ball is basically a half length ball which allows you to pass the ball onto a wall. Remarkably they then rebound back to the passer. This is what we were told and apparently it helps with your passing and catching technique.

Is The Rhino Reflex Rugby Ball Any Good?

Last year we had the pleasure of seeing the Gilbert Rebounder being used at a club. We went away thinking they were pretty good and wished we had tried it. The Reflex Rugby Training Ball is exactly the same but with different graphics. We used a size 5 Reflex Ball and we held the ball as we would a real rugby ball. (They are also available in size 4 but we only tried the size 5)

Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Aid

We had the flat end facing the wall and passed from around 3 metres. The flat panel hits the wall and rebounded back to us. It did take us a few attempts to get the range right. I put this down to getting used to passing a rugby ball half the length of a standard ball. But, once we got the hang of it we moved back to around 6 metres. I am sure we could go back further in time though. We had a good 30 minutes of fun with this ball during our lunch break. But, I can see this being a great rugby training aid for younger players. I would suggest it is a must have for any teenager looking to improve their rugby skills.

Is The Rhino Reflex Grip The Same As A Normal Rugby Ball?

In rugby there are a number of different types of rugby grip. The most common grip and still most popular is the ‘standar’ grip. It is a pimple style grip which seems to be one of the more reliable grips in varying weather conditions. So, the feel of the ball is exactly the same as you might find on a standard match rugby ball.

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Rhino Reflex Rugby Training Ball






Value For Money





  • Training Ball
  • Size 4 and 5
  • Pimple grip surface
  • 3 Ply construction
  • Great Rugby Training Aid

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