Rhino Cyclone High Quality Rugby Ball

Rhino Cyclone Rugby Ball
How Does The Rhino Cyclone Compare To Gilbert Balls?

Rhino manufacture rugby balls for both codes of the game Union and League, the Rhino Cyclone ball is specifically for Rugby Union. The quality of the Rhino balls sit alongside those of Gilbert and are highly regarded by clubs that use them. If you can look beyond Gilbert as an alternative brand then Rhino is a great alternative.

Rhino Cyclone Training Rugby Balls
What Type Of Grip Does The Rhino Cyclone Have?

The grip on a rugby ball can vary depending on the model within the chosen brand. In the Rhino range, there are at least 3 different types of grips used. The Rhino Cyclone uses a grip configuration, which Rhino call ‘3D Grip’ which is more pronounced than some other types of grip. This grip is a pimple grip with a rounded peak. There are a number of different size pimples which make this different from other balls and help it perform very well in all weather conditions. The grip tends to last longer than a standard grip, ensuring the balls can be used over a longer period, giving the user better value for money.

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How Many Colours Is The Rhino Cyclone Available In?

One of the great things about the Rhino Cyclone is the colour choice available (also true of the Gilbert GTR4000), which is ideal if you have different age groups using the same training area. With a limit on pitch space, it is common for age groups to share the same training area. If you have a different colour for each group then it is easier to identify your age groups rugby balls. Colours available are

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  • Fluo Orange
  • Fluo Green
  • White
  • Fluo Yellow
  • Pink

The Cyclone balls are also available in 3 sizes across all colourways too.

Rhino Cyclone Rugby Ball

rrp £13.95





Value For Money





  • Training Ball
  • Size 3, 4 and 5
  • 3D Pimple grip
  • 5 Colour options
  • 3 Ply laminate construction

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