Precision Fusion Training Football IMS Approved

Is Your Training Football IMS Approved?

The Precision Training Fusion Football is one of our favourite balls. IMS Approved (International Match Standard) balls are rare so meets the highest of standards. Indeed as far as we know, no other training football has this approval. The Fusion balls have a striking graphic and are available in 6 different colourways.

The textured TPU cover gives the ball a modern feel, whilst the seams are PU sealed to resist absorbtion of water so the ball reacts the same in dry or wet weather.

It also has a 3.5mm foam backing for a soft touch and improved control. The Precision Fusion training football also has a high air retention bladder with high rebound properties and polyester latex wound cemented winding.

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What Colours Are The Fusion Football Available In?

At the launch of the new graphics in 2020, the Fusion ball was available in the following colours

  • White/Red/Grey/Black
  • White/Silver/Black/White
  • White/Cyan/Orange/Grey
  • White/Pink/Purple/Grey
  • Fluo Orange/ Blue/Royal/Grey
  • Fluo Yellow/Teal/Cyan/Red
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What Do Precision Say About Their Ball?
  • Made to International Match Standards.
  • Textured TPU outer shell
  • PU sealed seams, for high level of resistance to water absoption
  • 3.5mm EVA faom backing
  • HR wound bladder with high rebound properties
  • Polyester latex cemented winding
  • One PV backing layer too
  • 6 colourways

Finally, it is clear Precison are very proud of the Fusion football. It is probably the best training football available but, doesn’t get the exposure it deserves. Of course this is probably due to Precision being a smaller brand, especially when compared to Mitre, Nike and Adidas. The marketing budget of Precision isn’t as big but the Fusion balls are worthy of a place on the top table.

Precision Training Fusion Football

RRP £10.95





Value for money





  • Training Football
  • Size 3, 4 and 5
  • Textured surface
  • 6 Colour options
  • IMS Approved

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