Precision Rotario FIFA Quality Match Football

Rotario Match Footballs
Is This The Best Design For A Match Football?

Manufacturers are forever trying to come up with the best design of football to take the market by storm. The Precision Rotario FIFA Quality match football is the latest to test the resolve of the ball buying footballer. I was sceptical when I saw this football in a photo. However when I saw in person I was very impressed. The Rotario is constructed with an 8 panel design which does break away from tradition. However the Rotario has been rigorously tested and has achieved FIFA Quality Approval.

What Makes The Rotario Special?

The 8 panel construction Precision Rotario FIFA Quality football is available in 3 sizes – size 3, 4 and 5. Most brands tend to only seek FIFA Approval for the size 5 balls. However, Precision have gone further and spent huge sums of money getting FIFA Approval on the size 4 ball too. The size 3 ball is made to the same standard as the size 4 and 5 ball. But did not go through the testing proceedure, due to costs involved and the volume of balls sold in that size. It is also a hybrid construction which repels 99% of water, similar to the hyperseam designs. The outer layer is textured with an Anli Campus Vimini 1mm PU outer. The linings are constructed from a high rebound 2mm EVA plus polyester and 2.5mm EVA foam layer.

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What Does Vimini Mean?

I have checked with a couple of manufacturers who use the term ‘Vimini’ to find out what it means. One wasn’t sure and the other says it means wicker. So the design pattern is wicker like or a criss cross design.

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How Many Colours Are The Rotario Available In?

Precision have made the Rotario available in 3 sizes but, have restricted the colour choices to one at this time

  • White/Black/Cyan

To help you find what size football you should be using, we have created the useful guide

Precision Rotario Match Football

RRP £19.95





Value For Money





  • Match Football
  • Size 3, 4 and 5
  • Textured Vimini surface
  • FIFA Quality Approved in Size 4 and 5
  • Water repellant Hybrid technology


  • Only 1 colour option

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