Precision Nueno FIFA Pro Match Football Review

Precision Nueno Pro Match Football
How Did The Precision Nueno Get FIFA Quality Pro Approved?

To get FIFA Quality Pro Approval the Precision Nueno had to go through a large number of tests. Subsequently passing all of them, to wear the FIFA badge. A manufacturer has to supply a number of balls in the same size and model, to an approved testing house. The tests carried out on the Nueno footballs included

  • Circumference
  • Roundness
  • Weight
  • Bounce
  • Water absorption
  • Loss of pressure
  • Size retention

Only when all of the stages are passed, can the FIFA Quality Pro badge be awarded. It is safe to say the size 5 Precison Nueno is a high quality football. The size 4 Nueno did not go through the testing procedure because of the heavy costs involved. However the Nueno is the exact same quality.

Precision Nueno Pro Match Football
Tell Me About The Precision Nueno?

What struck me first upon opening the box containing the Precision Nueno match ball, was the panel configuration. As it is unusual to find a football with only 8 panels. Most importantly, it is an interesting design that works. I thought the ball might not look round with this configuration. But when inflated it is obviously perfectly round. The feel of the ball is great too as it is soft touch, with a hexagon embossed pattern (Precision call this Mars embossing). Amazingly the hybrid construction also repels 99% of water. So stays the same shape and weight during play. I aslo liked the deep grooves within the design which seemed to help with controlling the ball in the air.

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What Are The Techincal Features Of The Nueno Match Ball?

Looking at the technical sheet supplied by Precision it is clear a lot of thought has gone into the manufacture and design of the Nueno ball, which includes:-

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  • 8 Panel Hybrid construction
  • Anli 1.2 Quick Silver PU outer with Mars embossing
  • High rebound 2mm EVA plus polyester and 4mm EVA foam lining
  • HR wound bladder with high rebound properties & polyester latex cemented winding
  • Weighs between 420 – 445g
  • Available in a single colourway – white/black/red
  • Pro quality match football
  • Precision had the Nueno tested for FIFA Quality Pro Approval in size 5 only. The size 4 Nueno is the same quality as the size 5 ball. However it did not go through the testing procedure due to the heavy costs involved
  • Made in Pakistan

Precison Nueno Pro Quality Match Football

rrp £29.95





Value For Money





  • Professional Match quality football
  • Size 4 and 5
  • Textured Mars surface
  • FIFA Quality Approved in size 5 only
  • Precision's highest quality match football


  • Not FIFA Approved in size 4 due to costs involved

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