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Is The Nike Pitch Football A More Traditional Football?

It is true the Nike Pitch Team football has a traditional feel to the ball rather than having an embossed or textured surface. The Pitch football has a completely smooth outer layer which is also very glossy, giving it a hard wearing feel. The TPU casing is similar to the other training balls reviewed except the Pitch Team is smooth and glossy.

What Types Of Pitch Are The Nike Pitch Balls Suitable For?

The Pitch footballs are designed for use on grass and astro type pitches. They have a reinforced rubber bladder to keep the shape for longer and also retain the air pressure. It is constructed using the 12 panel design which is also visually appealing. Material make up of the ball is; 60% rubber, 15% polyurethane, 13% polyester and 12% EVA.

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What Colours Are The Nike Pitch Balls Available In?

There are at least 5 different colours of Nike Pitch Team footballs so there should be a colour that appeals. The graphics are simple and only include the Nike ‘tick’, some say this is dull, some say this is a sign of quality, I will leave that for you to decide.

  • White
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Red
Why Has The Nike Pitch Football Been So Popular?

Obviously Nike are a major force in supplying footballs across the world. Their match footballs are seen in many of the top football leagues across Europe. Find out which football leagues Nike supply in Europe, in our useful guide. The traditional feel to the ball, is now rare amongst training footballs. Whereas other manufacturers have moved towards the textured style, which is apparently more popular. The Nike Pitch balls are available in a large range of colours, which allow coaches to colour code per age group. Making it easier to tell which size is for each group of players. Finally they are also available in 3 sizes so offer a great choice for clubs across Europe.

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Nike Pitch Team Training Football

RRP £ 12.00





Value For Money





  • Training Football
  • Sizes 3, 4 and 5
  • Smooth glossy surface
  • At least 5 colour choices
  • Simple graphics


  • Cheaper looking ball
  • Not everyone likes the simple graphics

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