The Best Training Netballs

There are surprisingly a large number of brands that manufacture netballs in the UK. The 2 market leaders – Gilbert and Mitre, supply the Best Training Netballs or should I say the most popular. Other brands include Rhino, Sure Shot, Molten and Lusum, all of them make good quality netballs. Training netballs are often more durable than match netballs but the better quality ones can also be used in matches.

Netballs are available in sizes 4 and 5. Younger players below the age of 10 years use size 4 netballs. All other players use size 5 netballs. Training netballs are suitable to use indoors and outdoors. The durability of the balls make them better value than match netballs. There are 2 types of training ball, rubber or stitched. The rubber ones are moulded and have no seams, so cannot absorb moisture when used outside. The stitched models are in my opinion a higher specification netball and have a better feel and grip.

Training NetballsRRPSizesColour OptionsRanking
Gilbert APT£8.994 and 52 Colours8.8
Lusum Optio£9.294 and 51 Only8.8
Mitre Intercept£12.004 and 51 Only8.3

Training Netballs

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Gilbert APT Netball Purple
Gilbert APT Netball

Joint Top Ranked

Lusum Optio Netballs
Lusum Optio Netball

Joint Top Ranked

Mitre Intercept Netball
Mitre Intercept Netball

UK's Best Seller

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More Training Netballs

Mitre are arguably the largest netball brand in the UK, however it is Gilbert that has the sponsorship contract with England Netball. The best selling training netball in the UK is the Mitre Intercept and is a stitched seam netball. They are very affordable and as such are very popular for use in the garden. It is interesting to note that netball is now becoming more popular as a mixed sport. This may help netball when arguing their case for inclusion in the Olympic Games.

It is already one of the biggest sports in the world for women so we find it hard to understand why it isn’t already included. Netball is one of the biggest for both participation and spectators. The top countries include New Zealand, Australia, England and Jamaica. However there are 44 countries in the official INF rankings, which show the sport’s popularity.