The Best Match Netballs

We have taken the time to review some of the best match netballs that are available in the UK. A number of brands including Mitre, Gilbert, Rhino, Sure Shot and Molten manufacture match netballs. It is Mitre and Gilbert than dominate the market in the UK though. Both of these brands supply a huge number of clubs and schools. Their netballs are also popular for use at home in the garden. The price of match netball’s can vary from £14 to £42 so it is important you find out if the netball is suitable for the environment you want to play in.

Many retailers offer discounts should you be buying in bulk for a school or club and often include a bag to store them in too. It should be noted that a pump will also be required to inflate the netball. As they are always supplied deflated or partially inflated at best. The entry level match balls are also durable enough to use as training netballs. However I suggest having a few training balls to ensure the match balls last longer.

Match NetballsRRPSizesColour OptionsRanking
Gilbert Flare£41.504 and 51 Only8.6
Gilbert Pulse£13.994 and 52 Colours8.5
Mitre Shooter£22.004 and 51 Only8.4
Mitre Ultragrip£15.504 and 51 Only8.2
Mitre Pursue£33.005 Only1 Only8.2

Match Netballs

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Gilbert Pulse Netball
Gilbert Pulse Netball

Gilbert's Entry level

2021 Mitre Ultragrip Design
Mitre Ultragrip Netball

Mitre's Entry level

Mitre Shooter 2021
Mitre Shooter Netball

Mitre's Top Ranked

Mitre Pursue Match Quality Netball
Mitre Pursue Netball

Mitre's Elite Match

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More Match Netballs

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If I was to suggest a type of netball to be used in matches, it would always be a stitched one. They seem to have a better touch and feel around the court. However, Gilbert has introduced a moulded rubber match ball called the Blaze. Only time will tell if this becomes more popular than the stitched versions. Unlike other sports, most of the netball qualities are made in both size 4 and 5. I couldn’t justify spending £40+ on a netball for an under 10 though. Luckily this isn’t my decision to make.

If using netballs at home, I would suggest a training netball or entry level netball’s would be suitable. Should the balls be used outside, ensure they are properly dried before putting away. This ensures the grips last longer.