What types of netballs are there?

In simple terms there are a 2 types of netballs, training and match. However, the materials used across both types of balls make the selection of the right netball, incredibly difficult. Should you go with a branded ball or one of the lesser known brands? Are the cheaper netballs worth the money? We have taken our time when reviewing each netball and have taken an honest view. We even consulted a few netball players for their feedback so we had a balanced opinion.

What Brands Of Netball Are There?

We have been using many different brands of netballs over a number of years and have selected some of the top brands for review. As models within their ranges get updated we take the time to include these too. The brands currently under review are as follows;

  • Gilbert
  • Mitre
  • Lusum
  • Sure Shot
  • Rhino
  • Molten
  • There might be others too….
Training NetballsRRPSizesColour OptionsRanking
Gilbert APT£8.994 and 52 Colours8.8
Lusum Optio£9.294 and 51 Only8.8
Mitre Intercept£12.004 and 51 Only8.3
Match NetballsRRPSizesColour OptionsRanking
Gilbert Flare£41.504 and 51 Only8.6
Gilbert Pulse£13.994 and 52 Colours8.5
Mitre Shooter£22.004 and 51 Only8.4
Mitre Ultragrip£15.504 and 51 Only8.2
Mitre Pursue£33.005 Only1 Only8.2
How Much Should I Pay For A Good Quality Netball?

How much you will pay for a netball depends on the type of ball required; match or training. The type of materials used; full rubber or rubber compound and stitched. The number of balls you buy can often influence the price too, as many retailers offer discounts for bulk purcases. Having said that a good quality training netball might cost between £6 and £10, whilst a good quality match netball might be in the range of £12 to £25.

Netball stands are becoming a lot more affordable and as such, lots more homes have one in their garden. This means more people are buying netballs for use at home. This is great news for retailers and manufacturers. However, we suggest you buy an affordable ball that gives you great value for money. Durability is another consideration that should influence your buying decision too.