Molten BG4500 Official Game Basketball

Molten BG4500 Basketball
Is The Molten BG4500 The Top Model Now?

The top model in the new basketball range from Molten is the BG5000. However, this is the Molten BG4500 Official game basketball and replaced the Molten BGGX range of balls in 2020. This is quite frankly a great basketball but is only suitable for indoor use. The BG4500 basketball is constructed with a premium composite leather cover and when you get this in your hands, you can immediately feel the quality.

Molten BG4500 Basketball
What About The New Style Grip?

Molten launched the new style textured grip in 2020 and if I am honest the feedback is encouraging, given clubs in the UK have been restricted on the amount of court time allowed, due to the ongoing pandemic. I personally like the grip but it does take some getting used to. Molten say it gives a wider surface area to grip, in fact it is 95% bigger which is surely a good thing for the player. Under the outer layer, the BG4500 has a foam structure to give better softness and an improved grip. It is FIBA Approved and available in size 6 and 7. The BG4500 ball also has a gloss finish unlike the cheaper models which have a matt finish. This is the Molten BG4500 Official Game Ball of the BBL, WBBL, Basketball Scotland and Basketball Ireland too.

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What Do Molten Say About The New BG4500 Official Game Ball?

Molten are very proud of their new style grips and are very keen to get feedback from players and coaches. The brochure has more information than some other brands and includes the following snippets

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  • Elite competition ball
  • Cover material is a premium composite leather
  • Foamed rubber
  • Original leather textured surface
  • Patented 12 panel Giugiaro design
  • Orange/Ivory colourway
  • FIBA Approved
  • Official ball of the BBL
  • Available in size 6 and 7

Molten BG4500 Indoor Basketball

rrp £69.95





Value For Money





  • Indoor Match Basketball
  • Sizes 6 and 7
  • New style textured surface
  • Premium composite leather
  • FIBA Approved

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