Molten BG3800 Quality Indoor Basketball

Molten BG3800 Basketball
What Basketball Did The Molten BG3800 Replace?

The Molten BG3800 basketball is the latest model and replaced the very popular BGMX range of balls in 2020. The feel of this basketball is completely different to the previous range, as Molten have radically changed the grip style. The pebble grip has gone and been replaced by a textured surface. With this mind, Molten say it has 95% more surface area so should provide a better grip handling.

Molten BG3800 Basketball
How Does The BG3800 Basketball Compare To The BGM Basketball?

It is hard to compare the Molten BG3800 to the Molten BGM basketball as they are so different. The BG3800 did replace the BGM ball in 2020 but the feel of the ball is completely different. Uniquely the biggest change is the textured leather finish, which is a move away from the traditional pebble grip. Regretably the first impression of the ball was mixed. Some loved the new look and whiter colour of the inlaid panel. But the grip was a Marmite moment, with some loving the new style and others not so keen. After playing with the balls though, we all felt the grip was better than the old pebble style.

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This is the lowest quality ball specifically for indoor use. It is good to see this model is available in sizes 5, 6 and 7.

What Else Is New On The Molten BG3800 Basketball?
  • Original leather textured surface – premium leather look
  • Increased surface area – better grip
  • New colour of the infill panel – now a brighter white colour
  • Minimal design – Text and logo’s are now 25% smaller
  • Constructed with a heat embossed textured PU surface – Composite cover
  • FIBA Approved
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What Do Molten Say About The BG3800 Basketball?
Cover MaterialComposite Leather
ApprovalFIBA Approved
Playing SurfaceIndoor
GradeCompetition, Training / Recreation
Surface TextureOriginal Leather Texture
Quantity in shipper carton36
Country of ManufactureThailand

Molten BG3800 Indoor Basketball

rrp £44.95





Value For Money





  • Indoor Match Basketball
  • Sizes 6 and 7
  • Textured Surface
  • Composite Leather
  • FIBA Approved


  • Not available in size 5

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