Molten BG3000 Basketball Indoor/Outdoor Use

Molten BG3000 Basketball
What Does The BG3000 Stand For?

Molten basketball use letters and numbers to brand their range of basketballs, rather than coming up with a catchy model name. This is fine, as the names tend to be meaningless anyway. However, it can be confusing when comparing models such as the BG3000 and the BG3800, as there is very little difference between the numbers. When comparing the models, it must be noted that the BG3000 is suitable for outdoor use, where the BG3800 is only suitable for indoor use. The Molten BG3000 basketball is graded as a training ball and replaced the Molten BGH basketball in 2020.

I Heard The Molten Grips Are Different On The New Models.

Yes the new range of Molten basketballs have changed the style of grips from the standard pebble designs often seen on basketballs. This is a bold move from Molten but generally the new textured surface has proven quite popular amongst the basketball clubs and players. It does claim to have up to 95% more surface area to grip onto so, should improve handling.

Molten BG3000 Leather Basketball
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Can The Molten BG3000 Basketball Be Used Outdoors?

The Molten BG3000 basketball is manufactured using a high quality synthetic leather. Subsequently making the ball suitable for use indoors and outdoors with the same effect. This is one of the highest quality outdoor basketballs. The feel of the ball is similar to the higher quality models. But this is the highest quality suitablke for outdoor use.

What Do Molten Say About The BG3000 Basketball?

Molten launched their new range of basketballs during the pandemic in 2020. This resulted in less of a fanfare for a radical change in grip, than you might otherwise expect.

Available From Amazon
  • Constructed with a durable synthetic leather surface
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Original leather textured surface
  • Patented 12 panel Giugiaro design
  • Available in a duo colourway of orange and ivory
  • Available in 3 sizes – size 5, 6 and 7.

Molten BG3000 Basketball

rrp £29.95





Value For Money





  • Training Ball
  • Sizes 5, 6 and 7
  • Textured Surface
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Indoor/Outdoor use


  • NOT FIBA Approved

2 thoughts on “Molten BG3000 Basketball Indoor/Outdoor Use

  1. You did not explain the difference between BG3000 and the BG3800, saying it can be confusing, and then not elaborating on it.

    1. Fair point, The BG3000 is much harder wearing and is suitable for outdoor use. The BG3800 is less durable so is only suitable for indoor use.

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