Mitre Ultimatch Match Football

Mitre Ultimatch Fluo
Mitre’s Best Selling Match Football

The iconic Ultimatch football is Mitre’s base level match ball; however it is also their best selling match ball. This ball isn’t IMS approved though unlike the 2018 version, if you wanted the IMS Approved match balls from Mitre, this is now the Ultimatch Plus. In 2021 Mitre launched new graphics for the whole of the football range. The Ultimatch took on a new name too and is now called the Ultimatch One. Although it doesn’t look like the ONE part is actually printed on the ball at this time. It seems odd to rebrand and not use the full name on the ball.

The new style ball is constructed with a textured outer layer to aid control and has a soft touch 4.5mm hyperfoam backing, which is claimed improves power. The durability of this match ball is improved with the addition of the 0.6mm PU outer cover

What Colours Are The Ultimatch Available In?

The new graphics make the New Mitre Ultimatch far more visually appealing to the eye. I personally love the new colours and have amended the rating on this ball accordingly. Having said that, it is only the graphics that have been updated and this ball is still a great quality match ball which is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5. It is also available in a choice of 2 colours

  • White/Blue/Navy
  • Yellow/Orange/Blue
Mitre Ultimatch One
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What Is Hyperseam Technology?

Hyperseam technology refers to the ball being almost entirely water resistant. The seams are thermal bonded which then repels 99% of water. Why is this useful? It does mean the ball remains in a stable condition when used in the rain or in drier conditions, making the ball consistent everytime.

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Should I Buy The Ultimatch Or The Ultimatch Plus?

The Mitre Ultimatch is the model below the Mitre Ultimatch Plus. If you are looking for a good quality match football, the Ultimatch football is a great choice. However, if you need the ball to have some FIFA accreditation then you must buy the Ultimatch Plus. Some leagues insist on clubs using an IMS approved football so, the Ultimatch will no longer be an option. If the cost of the Mitre IMS approved Ultimatch Plus football is too high then you might want to consider the Precision Fusion football.

Having said that, if your league doesn’t insist on IMS balls, then the Ultimatch is one of the best budget match footballs.

Mitre Ultimatch Match Football

rrp £21.00





Value For Money





  • Match Football
  • Size 3, 4 and 5
  • Textured Surface
  • 2 Colour options
  • Mitre's best selling match ball


  • Not IMS Approved