Mitre Shooter Match Quality Netball

Mitre Shooter Netball
Tell Me About the Mitre Shooter Netball

By and large, I do generally like the range of Mitre netballs. The Mitre Shooter ball seems to have been around for a long time. The ball we reviewed was the 2020 version as shown below and the ratings are on this model.

Mitre Shooter Netball
Mitre Shooter 2020 Graphics

The graphics on the Shooter ball above, were added a few years back. However it took me some time to like them as I preferred the older version. Maybe I don’t like change. With this in mind, I was a little shocked to see the new style graphics launched in 2021. But as I say maybe I don’t like change

Mitre Shooter 2021
Mitre Shooter 2021 Graphics

As you see there is a lot more white space and the Delta style graphic is quite basic. I do like the colour scheme though so at least that is a positive. The grip on the Shooter stays the same on the new model. Indeed, why change a grip that has proven very popular over the years. It is effective and gives the player great control, when catching and passing the netball.

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What Type Of Grip Is On The Mitre Shooter Netball?

The style of grip on the Mitre Shooter netball is a mix of small and large rounded pimples. This is ideal for young and experienced players. The Shooter ball was quite grippy the 1st time we used it which was nice. Given this is a match netball it is no surprise to find the ball is stitched. Overall this is a decent match netball at a price point that is affordable for all ages.

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What Do Mitre Say About The Shooter Netball?

One of my big issues is the amount any manufacture says about their own netballs. This goes across all sports and brands though so isn’t unique to netball. I suppose it allows the retailer to be poetic when describing the range of match netballs.

  • A highly durable classic – the match day choice of clubs and schools
  • Made from a high-wear rubber to suit play on any surface
  • deep emboss gives great handling and grip
  • Available in size 4 and 5

Mitre Shooter Netball

rrp £22.00





Value For Money





  • Match Netball
  • Size 4 and 5
  • Deep emboss pebbled surface
  • High wear rubber makes it more durable
  • Very popular in school and club netball

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