Mitre Pursue Match Quality Netball

Mitre Pursure Match Netball
Is The Pursue The Highest Quality Mitre Netball?

The Mitre Pursue match netball is the top netball in the Mitre range. Mitre used to be the ball supplier of some of the leading netball nations and pro leagues. However, they relinquished this a few years back and the range has stayed the same since. That is to say the models in the range haven’t been upgraded much. In 2020 though, new graphics were launched to try to improve the visility of the Mitre netballs. The Pursue ball now has a blue/blue graphic as shown below.

Mitre Pursue Netball
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What Type Of Grip Does The Mitre Pursue Have?

The grip on the Mitre Pursue match netball is one of the better netball grips available. The pimple surface has a more pronounced feel and each pimple is rounded off to give the player a better feel. Without the rounded touch, I am sure this would be too pronounced. However this grip is rated very highly by the 2 netball players in our office. They also liked the colourway of the new graphic as it stands out on court better than some of the other models.

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What Playing Level Is the Mitre Pursue Suitable For?

The Mitre Pursue netball is suitable for all levels of netball. However, the cost of the ball is restrictive and is more suited for use in high quality matches. It can be found in professional matches when a Gilbert netball isn’t specified. The Pursue is manufactured in India which is where the best quality netballs come from.

What Do Mitre Say About The Pursue Netball?
  • Unique embossed rubber texture for increasing durability and grip
  • Advanced pimple surface designed for faster players – receive and give passes in an instant
  • Fast performance guaranteed with the special 3-ply polyester lining
  • The choice of the professional

Mitre Pursue Match Quality Netball






Value For Money





  • Pro Quality Match Netball
  • Size 5 only
  • Advanced pimple surface designed for faster players
  • High quality 3-ply polyester lining
  • Mitre's tp quality netball

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