Mitre Intercept Netball Training Quality

Mitre Intercept Netball
What Is Different About The 2020 Intercept Model?

As mentioned elsewhere, Mitre have upgraded the graphics on their netball range in late 2020. The feedback we have is hard to gauge, as most clubs haven’t been playing, for obvious reasons. As far as I can recall the grip hasn’t changed and the only difference is the graphics and colourway. The Mitre Intercept netball is probably the biggest selling netball in the UK. It’s price make it suitable for clubs and schools as it is a good value ball. However, I must be honest, as I am not a big fan of the colours used this time around.

The new Intercept is a yellow and blue colour. From a distance the ball is dull looking and doesn’t stand out as well as some of the previous colours used.

Mitre Intercept Netball
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What Do Mitre Say About The New Mitre Intercept Netball?
  • Soft-feel and durable construction make Intercept one of the world’s most popular training netballs
  • The popular choice of clubs and schools all over the world
  • Stylish ‘wave’ emboss doesn’t just look good – it gives the ball added grip and makes it easy to handle
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What Do We Say About The Intercept netball?

I have already said I am not a big fan of the of the new colourway. That said, the ball is still a great training quality netball. It is so good it is often used as a match netball in lower level and junior netball matches. It is durable and reliable so offers great value for money. I just wish there were colour options available so Mitre could see they might have made a mistake with these colours. I am happy to be proven wrong though and will review this post, when clubs are back playing in 2021. It is available in sizes 4 and 5, which could be another reason it is so popular.

Mitre Intercept Netball






Value For Money





  • Training Netball
  • Size 4 and 5
  • Wave embossed grip
  • Very reliable netball
  • Mitre's best selling training netball


  • Colour scheme isn't the best

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