Mitre Impel Training Football Best Seller

Mitre Impel
Is The Mitre Impel The Biggest Selling Training Football?

The Mitre Impel is definitely the best selling ball in the Mitre range and is probably the biggest selling training ball in the UK. The ball is good value for money and has the iconic Delta branding, although for some this is a little too basic on this model. In 2021 the graphics were updated to be a more striking design and is far more appealing. The new design is shown below

Mitre Impel Football
New 2021 Graphics
Why Is The Mitre Impel So Popular?

Many people have grown up with the Mitre brand and recognise it as a quality brand. The Impel’s are very price competitive online so are widely available in packs of 10 or more balls with a bag thrown in. The choice of sizes and colours mean that clubs can buy a range of balls across the colourways. As a result clubs are able to supply their squads footballs, without getting the sizes mixed up on training days.

Is The Mitre Impel Durable For All Ages?

The Mitre Impel is suitable for all ages below semi-pro levels of football, as a training football. The ball has the famous ‘Vimini’ outer texture which gives the player enhanced grip and control. The outer layer is manufactured with reliable TPU and has a 3.5mm EVA soft touch foam backing which makes it soft to touch, a feature which is popular in youth football.

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What Colours Are The Mitre Impel Available In?

At the time of writing the Mitre Impel is available in 4 colourways from the standard range. However, some retailers have this ball supplied to them in specific colours so they stand out as being different from the core range. The main four colours as as follows

  • White/Silver/Black
  • Orange/Silver/Black
  • Yellow/Silver/Black
  • Blue/Silver/Black
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Is The Mitre Calcio The Same Football As The Mitre Impel?

In 2020 Mitre relaunched the Calcio range of footballs. The training balls are the Calcio and the Calcio Max. It’s important to know, that the Calcio footballs are identical to the Mitre Impel training football. The Calcio Max is the same as the Impel Max. Some online retailers do not have access to the Calcio. Subsequently allowing some smaller retailers to have a point of difference online. If you like the Impel then the Calcio is better as the graphics are much more appealing.

Mitre Impel Training Footballs

RRP £11.00





Value For Money





  • Training Football
  • Size 3, 4 and 5
  • Textured Surface
  • At least 4 colour options
  • Probably the best selling training ball


  • Low key graphics

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