Mitre Calcio Training Football Returns

Mitre Calcio Training Footballs
The Iconic Mitre Calcio Returns To The Fold

The Mitre Calcio Training Football was the most popular football, going back a few years. It was the go to ball for training and was the best selling ball by a long way. Eventually the public started to look for alternative options as the model looked out dated. At this point the Impel was introduced and became the new favourite football.

A few years ago the Calcio was relaunched as a hyperseam top end training ball. However, it was over priced and had too high a specification. Good News though, the Calcio is back. The quality is perfect for all budgets and interestingly, the quality is exactly the same as the Mitre Impel. The only difference if the graphics on the football. In my opinion the graphics on the Calcio are far higher than the Impel.

Mitre Calcio Training Footballs
Is The Mitre Calcio The Same As The Calico?

It is funny how a name sticks. The Mitre Calcio is often referred to as the Mitre Calico. However the Calico doesn’t exist and it must be down to people not reading the model name correctly. The name Calcio originates from Italy and means football. Where as the name Calico refers to an unwoven cotton material, so not even close to being a football.

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Tell Me About The Calcio Football

The Mitre Calcio training football is, as I say, the same as the Mitre Impel. So, it is manufactured to the same specifications. The Calcio has a 3.5mm EVA soft touch foam backing which gives the ball a super soft feel. This helps when heading and controlling the football. Remember The FA have issued new heading guidance so before asking players to head the ball, check they are actually allowed.

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I find it hard to choose betwen the Precision Fusion and the Mitre Calcio. Both offer the user value for money. It should be remembered that the Fusion is IMS approved however the Calcio is slightly cheaper . Which ever model you choose will be a good option.

Mitre Calcio Training Football

rrp £11.00





Value For Money





  • Training Football
  • Size 3, 4 and 5
  • Textrued Surface
  • 2 Colour Options
  • Same Quality As The Mitre Impel

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