Mitre Calcio Max High Quality Training Football

How Does The Mitre Calcio Max Compare To Other Mitre Training Footballs?

When I saw the Mitre Calcio Max had been released, I did wonder why there was another training ball in the range. I then found out the Mitre Impel Plus was going to be discontinued. However, the Calcio Max Training Football is exactly the same as the Impel Max so why add it to the range?

The Mitre Calcio Max isn’t available to every retailer and is to help shops compete with the online giants. It has been confirmed to me that this football will not be sold by the national accounts. This allows smaller retailers to compete online and make a small margin.

Mitre Calcio Max
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How Does The Calcio Max Compare With The Impel Max?

The Calcio Max is exactly the same football as the Impel Max. The graphics are different but the construction and materials used are the identical. This is Mitre’s top training football and is a much higher quality than the Impel or Calcio balls. If you are considering buying the Impel Max then the Calcio Max is my preferred alternative. Especially, as it is likely to be cheaper than the Impel Max so better value for money

It has a textured surface and a soft touch outer. When we used the ball we liked the control we had and felt great too. A quick search online showed the Calcio Max is slightly cheaper than the Impel Max. I think my preference is for this ball ahead of the Impel Max but that is down to price and the graphics alone. They are available in 2 colours and in sizes 3, 4 and 5.

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What Do Mitre Say About The Calcio Max Football?

As it is the same as the Impel Max the copy is almost identical

  • Mitre’s top level training football
  • Crafted with an efficient and hard wearing 30 panel construction to ensure consistent and long lasting performance during intense training sessions.
  • Constructed with ‘Vimini’ outer texture for enhanced grip and control to help develop player skills.
  • 4.5 mm EVA soft-touch foam backing enables players to comfortably control and play the ball – inspiring youngsters to and ensuring confidence on the ball.
  • Increased durability through a PU outer material to resist constant use and offer superb performance – it’ll become part of the squad.
  • Engineered with revolutionary Hyperseam technology for almost zero water uptake, helping the ball last in any weather – a great choice for grassroot clubs.
  • Ball is available in size 5, 4 and 3. Suitable for a grass or astroturf surface.
  • Built for control.

Mitre Calcio Max Training Football






Value For Money





  • Mitre's Top Training Ball
  • Size 3, 4 and 5
  • Textured Surface
  • 2 Colour options
  • Hyperseam Technology

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