Lusum Optio Outdoor Basketball Amazing Value

Lusum Optio Basketball
How Long Have Lusum Been Making Basketballs?

The Lusum brand is relatively young compared to the leading basketball brands, having been manufacturing balls for around 10 years. They do not offer sponsorship so you tend to get higher specification balls for the same cost or you get the same quality ball around 20% cheaper. The Lusum Optio Outdoor Basketball is currently the 2nd and highest quality model in the range.

Where Are The Lusum Basketballs Manufactured?

As with many of the leading branded basketballs, the Lusum basketballs are manufactured in China. In fact, the factories used, make some of the top branded balls too. Quality isn’t an issue, but convincing clubs that the balls are top quality is harder, as players tend to stick with their favourite brands

Lusum Optio Basketball
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How Good Is The Optio Basketball?

The Lusum Optio Outdoor Basketball is a good quality ball that can be used indoors and out. In fact the durability of the ball has surprised some basketball players. As it can be used as an outdoor basketball, it has proven popular in the residential basketball market. The composite leather material is very durable and it appears the ball is loosely based on the old Molten balls, with it’s 2 tone 14 panel construction (Molten balls had 12 panels though). The pebble grip is decent and the balls are available in 3 sizes; 5, 6 and 7.

Available From Amazon

The Optio basketball is a consistant performer across all of our review parameters too. Scoring highly in the value for money round. You could expect to pay at least £10 more for this model if from a more well known brand.

Lusum Optio Outdoor Basketball

rrp £34.99





Value For Money





  • Training Ball
  • Sizes 5, 6 and 7
  • Pebbled surface
  • Composite leather
  • Indoor/Outdoor use


  • NOT FIBA Approved

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