Lusum Munifex Training Rugby Ball Are Amazing Value

Lusum Rugby Balls
How Do The Lusum Rugby Balls Compare With Leading Brands?

Lusum have been manufacturing Lusum Munifex Training Rugby balls for around 8 years. Notably, their rugby balls are good quality and very reliable. Consequently they are available without a huge mark up seen with other brands. The Lusum range of rugby balls are made in the same factories as some leading brands and often to the same or a higher specification. Furthermore the Training ball is almost identical to the Rhino Cyclone.

Lusum Munifex Rugby Ball
What Type Of Grip Is On The Lusum Munifex Rugby Ball?

The product images used here show the old style grip which was upgraded in 2020 to be the new 3D Grip. In general this type of grip is very popular, as the grip lasts longer and is suitable for use in all weather conditions. To emphasise is a close up of the grip style as seen on the latest size 5 Munifex ball

Lusum Munifex Grip

This clearly shows the 3 different sizes of pimples used on the ball. As shown above it’s grip is almost identical to the Rhino Cyclone ball.

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What Sizes And Colour Options Are Available in The Lusum Range?

When you coach a large group of players across a few ages, trying to locate the correct size for your players can be a nightmare. Lusum Munifex rugby training balls are colour coded so each size is easily identified by colour. There are 3 sizes of ball available – 3, 4 and 5 and they are in the following colours

  • Red – Size 3
  • Green – Size 4
  • Blue – Size 5
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What Does The Brand Name Lusum Mean?

Lusum is a word taken from old Latin and means ‘To Play’. It is a derivative of a couple of words and was the closest word to the actual phrase required. The training ball name – Munifex is a rank in the Roman army and is a foot soldier. It is used as a term to emphasize how hard the entry level balls can be pushed.

Lusum Munifex Rugby Ball

rrp £13.99





Value For Money





  • Training Ball
  • Size 3, 4 and 5
  • 3D Pimple grip
  • Different colour for each size
  • 3 Ply laminate construction

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