Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketballs Are Durable

Lusum Munifex Basketball
Tell Me About The Lusum Munifex Basketball

The trouble with some rubber basketball brands, is the amount of money they spend on marketing so, the cost of the cheaper balls can often be inflated in price. Lusum do not sponsor clubs, leagues or players so the cost of the ball can be cheaper than leading brands. The quality of the Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketballs though is high and should they not be dismissed lightly. The Munifex name comes from a rank in the Roman army and means foot soldier, the Munifex basketball is a durable hard working ball that will give it’s best to the user, just like the soldier

Lusum Munifex Basketball

Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketballs are available in sizes 5, 6 and 7 and is suitable for use outdoors. In fact this ball is up there with the leading branded basketballs for quality. The ball comes in a patriotic tri colour red, white and blue, which makes it stand out in poor light conditions. We found the ball to bounce the same and travel through the air, in a similar way to the leading branded rubber balls.

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Are Rubber Basketballs Good For School And Club Use?

Schools tend to be on a tight budget and are often looking for basketballs that offer great value. They especially, need to be durable and reliable. Buying rubber basketballs, rather than synthetic leather ensures the budget can go further. This allows the school to purchase more balls, so more players get to use a ball more often. Clubs are very similar to schools and are also on a tight budget. Rubber balls cannot be used in matches so a balance needs to be found between rubber and synthetic leather balls. Rubber balls also tend to be available in all 3 sizes and in a range of colours.

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Lusum Munifex Rubber Basketball

rrp £14.99





Value For Money





  • Rubber basketball
  • Sizes 5, 6 and 7
  • Pebbled surface
  • 1 Colour option - red/white/blue
  • Great for use at home in the garden


  • Not available in traditional colours

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