Gilbert Pulse Netball – Entry level Match

Gilbert Pulse Netball Pink
Didn’t Gilbert Pulse Netballs Used To Be Classed As Training Balls?

It is true the Gilbert Pulse netball used to be classified as a training ball. However, Gilbert introduced 2 new balls which were without stitching, both classed as match netballs. In my opinion the stitched Pulse is a better quality ball so had to then be rated higher than the Blaze netball. I always thought the Pulse was a great quality training ball, even if it was priced at the higher end. As a match ball the Pulse is an entry level ball but is comparable with Mitre’s Ultragrip ball.

Gilbert Pulse Netball Pink
What Is The Difference Between The Gilbert Pulse And The Gilbert Pulse XT?

Around 2017, Gilbert launched a new version of the Gilbert Pulse and called it rather imaginatively – Gilbert Pulse XT. It isn’t obvious how they differ, if you have both in hand. I had to consult the Gilbert brochure to see what the difference was, if I am honest. The brochure says the XT ball has a Performance Butyl Bladder. Whereas the standard Pulse netball has a Synthetic Latex Bladder. It is well known the Butyl bladder is a higher quality and the air retention is far higher. It does add £2.51 to the rrp though and only you can decide if it is worth the extra money.

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Is The Gilbert Pulse A Good Netball For Schools And Clubs?

The Gilbert Pulse is a great quality netball. It can be used as a training ball or a match ball however it is a high price to pay for a training ball. It is available in 2 colours so clubs and schools can take one colour in size 4 and a different colour in size 5. This helps tell the balls apart on a busy training or match day.

2020 version
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What Do Gilbert Say About The Pulse Netball?
  • Blended rubber ball surface
  • Synthetic latex bladder
  • Entry level match and training ball
  • Cotton laminate construction
  • Duragrip
  • Hydratec
  • Available in sizes 4 and 5
  • Available in multi colour and pink/white.

Gilbert Pulse Netball

rrp £13.99





Value For Money





  • Match Netball
  • Size 4 and 5
  • Pimple Duragrip surface
  • 2 Colour options
  • Gilbert entry level stitched netball

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