Gilbert GTR3000 Entry Level Training Rugby Ball

Aren’t Gilbert Rugby Balls Supposed To Be The Best?

Everyone who has heard of rugby knows the Gilbert brand, it’s rugby balls are shown in almost every marketing shot or news story that mentions rugby. Clubs across the world use Gilbert rugby balls so, you would think they are the best available for sure. There are some great balls on the market though that aren’t Gilbert branded so they had to do something about their training range to make them stand out. Enter the ‘Tri-Grip’ which is available on the GTR3000 and GTR4000 training balls.

Tell Me About The Tri-Grip On These Rugby Balls

The Tri-Grip was rolled out fully in 2019 and took some players time to adapt to. It is my belief that sports players resist change as they like what they know and can be slow to adapt to innovation. The Tri-Grip is a new style of grip which is triangular in shape rather than the traditional rounded pimple grips. Gilbert claim it is more hardwearing and has a larger surface area to grip the ball.

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What Sizes Are Available?

A nice feature of the Gilbert GTR3000 training rugby balls is the colour coding for each size. How many times have you been on the field coaching and the ball sizes get mixed up? It can then be time consuming to sort through them in to the correct size. With the new range, the balls are only available in one colour per size as follows

  • Red/White – Size 3
  • Green/White – Size 4
  • Blue/White – Size 5
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The Gilbert GTR3000 rugby balls are constructed with a 2 plt poly-cotton and polyester laminate which is then applied to the rubber outer surface. This then enters the heat press for the grip to be moulded onto.

Gilbert GTR3000 Training Rugby Ball

rrp £13.00





Value For Money





  • Training Ball
  • Size 3, 4 and 5
  • Tri-Grip surface
  • 1 Colour choice per size
  • Biggest selling training ball

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