Gilbert Flare Premium Quality Match Netball

Gilbert Flare Netball
Tell Me About The Gilbert Flare Netball

The Gilbert Flare netball replaced the Gilbert Flash betball a couple of years ago. If i’m honest I cannot say what changed apart from the name on the ball. The colours are one of our favourites in a white/red/orange scheme. The graphics are the same as used on all of the Gilbert netballs. It is available in sizes 4 and 5 and is one of the best match netballs.

Gilbert Flare Netball

Gilbert says the ball is constructed with Fusion Technology but it took some work to find out what that means. Significantly it has a Fusion foam constuction, which means it has a foam layer between the bladder and the outer rubber surface. The feel of the Flare netball is definitely a lot softer to touch, than all of the other netballs reviewed.

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What About The Grip On The Flare Netball?

The grip on the Gilbert Flare netball is called a Hybrid Grip. It is our favourite style of grip as it has both large and small pimples. Markedly the pimples are a mix of square and rounded shapes. I’m not sure if this gives a better grip but we felt the Flare netball was the best performing of all of the Gilbert match netballs. The image below shows the different styles of grip on the Flare netball. To Summarize the ball is also stitched ball and looks to be finished to a high standard. We did note that the 2nd time we used the ball, the grip was better as it had time to bed in.

The Style Of Grip On The Gilbert Flare Netball
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What Do Gilbert Say About The Flare Netball?

As with most ball manufacturers, they give very little information about the ball. In fact it is a few bullet points and further research is required should you need definitions of each

  • High grade natural rubber ball surface
  • Butyl rubber bladder
  • Match quality ball
  • Fusion foam construction
  • Hybvrid grip
  • Hydratec
  • Available in sizes 4 and 5
  • Available in white/red/orange only.

Gilbert Flare Match Netball

rrp £41.50





Value For Money





  • Premium match quality netball
  • Size 4 and 5
  • Hybrid grip
  • 1 colour way but it is a good one
  • Inner foam layer makes it great to handle


  • On the pricey side

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