Gilbert Barbarian 2.0 Match Rugby Ball Review

Gilbert Barbarian 2.0 Match Rugby Ball
Is The Gilbert Barbarian 2.0 Match Ball Worth The Extra Money?

I am not one for spending extra money on a ball, if I cannot justify the extra expense. On the other hand, I do like to spend more if I can be sure the quality of the ball is worth it. I can honestly say the Gilbert Barbarian 2.0 match ball is worth the money. As soon as you pick it up, you could imagine you have an elite quality ball in hand. The colours are striking unlike some other Gilbert models, with a fluo green and blue graphic.

Surprisingly, it is around £5 more than the old version of the Barbarian. But, I am told this version is now the same spec as the old Revolution X but has been has been rebranded as the Barbarian 2.0. I have seen this used in many rug by clubs playing a decent level of rugby and who want a great quality ball without paying for the elite ball.

How Does The Barabrian 2.0 Have That The Omega Doesn’t?

The differences between the Barbarian 2.0 and the Omega aren’t obvious to the eye so we had to refer to the Gilbert brochure for guidance. The Barbarian 2.0 has a core spun polyester and cotton laminate outer skin, the difference being the core spun part. How this makes a difference is our guess. The valve is a higher specification Ellipse Truflight valve, I am pretty sure this is elliptical rather than being round and so fits better into the seams.  Finally, the Barbarian 2.0 has a higher quality bladder and is called – Copolymer ‘Air-Loc’ bladder, I assume this retains air for longer but we haven’t tested this feature.

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What Do Gilbert Say About The Barbarian 2.0 match ball?

To quote directly from the Gilbert brochure, Gilbert says of the Barbarian 2.0 match rugby ball

Available From Amazon
  • Standard grip
  • Copolymer ‘Air-Loc’ bladder
  • Ellipse Truflight valve
  • 3 ply core spun polyester and cotton laminate
  • G-X rubber compound surface
  • Conforms to World Rugby specification
  • Hand stitched
  • Available in size 5 only
  • Blue/green

Gilbert Barbarian 2.0 Match Rugby Ball

rrp £54.99





Value For Money





  • Match rugby ball
  • Size 5 only
  • Standard grip
  • G-X rubber compound surface
  • Ellipse Truflight valve

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