Gilbert APT Training Netball – Entry Level

Gilbert APT Netball Purple
Tell Me About the Gilbert APT Training Netball?

The 1st thing I had to find out about this netball was – What does the APT stand for? Apt isn’t actually printed on the Gilbert APT training netball so there were no obvious clues. However, I did find out the APT stands for All Purpose Trainer. Which means it is suitable for all playing abilities on all surfaces. This is Gilbert’s entry level netball and the ball is priced accordingly.

As you would expect from a netball at the cheaper end of the market, the APT ball is a rubber moulded ball. Having said that this model performs remarkably well. In fact I was surprised at the level of quality in this ball, given the price point.

Gilbert APT Netball
Gilbert APT Netball Fluoro Colour

Tis netball is available in 2 colour schemes – fluoro as shown above and the white/blue/pink as shown in the image below

What Is Best A Rubber Netball Or A Stitched Netball?

Whether you decide to use a rubber compound or a stitched netball depends on a number of factors

  • Level of players to use the ball
  • Type of surface to be played on
  • Affordability
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I don’t see many players of a decent standard going out of their way to use this ball. However, there is a market for this type of netball as is proven by the amount of schools and clubs using it. If you are using the netballs outside then this is a good option , as they wear a lot quicker outside. My personal preference would be for one of the stitched balls. If cost is an issue then the Gilbert APT ball is worth giving it a go, as it is so durable.

Gilbert APT Netball Purple
My Favourite APT Netball
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What Do Gilbert Say About The APT Netball?

There probably isn’t a lot you can say about the entry level netball. However it is a nice model and Gilbert says the following

  • Hard wearing rubber ball surface
  • Butyl bladder
  • Outdoor training ball
  • Nylon wound construction
  • Available in size 4 and 5
  • Available in white/blue/pink and also fluorescent

Gilbert APT Training Netball

rrp £8.99





Value For Money





  • Entry level training ball
  • Size 4 and 5
  • Pimple grip surface
  • Rubber compound construction
  • Indoor/Outdoor use

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