The Best Training Footballs

There are so many training footballs on the market today so, selecting a training ball that suits your budget and ability can be a tricky event. However, with our extensive reviews we hope you can find a ball that fits your needs.

Prices range from £6 to £14 so there is quite a difference in price. But which one offers the best value for money and durability? How can you tell you are buying a great training football?

We only review balls that we have physically touched and that meet our minimum quality standards. The brands on offer range for the market leaders to maybe some les known brands.

Football Training BallsRRPSizesColoursRanking
Precision Fusion Training Football£10.953, 4 and 56 Colours8.4
Mitre Calcio Max Training Football£14.003, 4 and 52 Colours8.4
Mitre Calcio Training Football£11.003, 4 and 52 Colours8.2
Mitre Impel Training Football£11.003, 4 and 54 Colours8.1
Nike Pitch Team Training Football£12.003, 4 and 55 Colours7.9

Training Footballs

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Footballs come in a range of qualities and finding the one you like, can be a bit of trial and error. Most footballs that are available online, are consistently found to be of a higher quality than years ago. This is, in part, down to the reviews retailers get when listing a ball. No one wants to stock a ball that performs badly as it can affect your overall rating.

There is a debate on which country manufactures the best balls, is it India, Pakistan or China? This is down to personal preference and I don’t think there is much between them. The factories are all audited and have to meet the highest standards. It isn’t uncommon for a brand to switch to a differnt factory to ensure continuity of stock supply. If you are looking for a specific football drop us a message and we will try to get one to review on your behalf.