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Buying the best professional footballs can be costly so our guide and reviews are here to help with your decision. There is a lot less choice in the pro ball market but all are FIFA PRO Quality. This means they have reached the highest standards and been approved by FIFA. Having gone through this testing does mean the footballs will be more expensive than a standard match ball. Some leagues insist that the ball has either of the 3 approval stamps so, it is worth checking you are buying the correct quality.

Pro Quality FootballsRRPSizesFIFA ApprovedRanking
Precision Nueno Pro Football£29.954 and 5FIFA Quality Pro (5)8.8
Mitre Delta Pro Football£35.004 and 5FIFA Quality Pro8.7

Professional Footballs

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Mitre Delta Plus
Mitre Delta Plus FIFA Pro Football

FIFA Pro Quality

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More Pro Quality Footballs

There are 2 brands that get the most exposure in the UK – Nike and Mitre. Nike are the ball sponsors of the English Premier League and Mitre are ball sponsors of the EFL. In fact Mitre supply the match football for most professional games in England and Scotland, which also includes cup games too. There are other brands manufacturing Pro Quality footballs, including Precision and they can also be considered as suitable alternatives.

Most Pro Quality balls are only manufactured in size 5. This is mainly down to the cost of testing and seeking approval from FIFA. If a size 4 is available in the range it is often supplied with no stamp at all. This doesn’t mean it is made to an inferior standard though. Sales of a size 4 ball is far less than size 5 so isn’t financially prudent to seek FIFA Approval. The cost of a Pro football is a costly investment, so choose wisely.