The Best Match Footballs

Our match football guide aims to help you make an informed decision when looking to purchase a match football. With the prices of match footballs ranging from £7 to £120, it can be quite daunting to select the right one. We have split match balls into two sections though to make things slightly easier. We have match footballs on this page and Professional Quality Footballs on another page. We do only review balls that we have physically touched, so we can ensure the quality meets our minimum standards.

We haven’t restricted the brands on review but have tried to include a wide range. As we add more reviews, this list will get longer to offer you more choice.

Football Match BallsRRPSizesFIFA ApprovedRanking
Mitre Ultimatch Match Football£21.003, 4 and 5No8.2
Precision Rotario Match Football£19.953, 4 and 5FIFA Quality8.1

Match Footballs

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More Match Footballs

Footballs come in a range of qualities and finding the one you like can be a bit of trial and error. Match footballs have improved over the last few years and are a far higher quality than our fathers played with. Most people in their 50’s will remember going down the part with their father to play with an old leather ball. Dad’s also insisted you practiced your heading and quite often you left the field with an imprint of the balls laces on your forehead. Now though most balls are manufactured with a softer outer layer and heading is on the verge of being banned.

Most match footballs are produced in India and Pakistan. If you are looking for a specific football drop us a message and we will try to get one to review on your behalf. If you are a brand and would like your match balls included in our reviews, then please send to us for inclusion.