The choice you have when purchasing footballs, be it for training or matches, can be quite daunting. There are so many brands on the market, it is difficult to work out which is best for your level of play.

Should I Buy A Training or Match Football?

You should aim to buy a football which will last the longest, for the level and type of play it will be used in. If you are buying for a kick around in the garden it makes no sense to buy a professional quality football as these can cost in excess of £100. It also makes no sense to buy a training football for matches, if you are playing at a decent level. Training footballs generally stay inflated for longer and are highly durable so, should be used for training as they will get more use, saving the higher priced match footballs for game play

What Is The Best Brand For Footballs?

For us to say we prefer one brand over another would not be constructive on a review site. We have an opinion on some brands that are easier to deal with than others but, this has no reflection on the quality of ball produced. Leading brands include;

  • Nike
  • Mitre
  • Adidas
  • Precision
  • Puma
  • Samba
  • Sondico
  • Molten
  • I Pro
  • Plus there are many, many more own label branded balls some of which are made in the same factories as the more well known brands.
Where Is The Best Place To Buy Footballs?

Footballs can be purchased online or in a shop. You will find some fantastic deals on websites, Ebay and Amazon. Check out the delivery charges before confirming your order though as these can be added at the final stage of checkout. Many companies now offer multi-buy packs of balls which in many cases also include a ball bag. Amazon have set the standard for delivery and many website’s have improved their delivery options. Some include delivery for orders over £75 but the delivery service can vary from 1 to 2 days to as many as 7 days. The ones that offer a longer delivery as standard are looking to up sell the next day delivery option, which is included for free on a couple of the better sites.

Football Training Balls Already Reviewed
Football Training BallsRRPSizesColoursRanking
Precision Fusion Training Football£10.953, 4 and 56 Colours8.4
Mitre Calcio Max Training Football£14.003, 4 and 52 Colours8.4
Mitre Calcio Training Football£11.003, 4 and 52 Colours8.2
Mitre Impel Training Football£11.003, 4 and 54 Colours8.1
Nike Pitch Team Training Football£12.003, 4 and 55 Colours7.9
Football Match Balls Already Reviewed
Football Match BallsRRPSizesFIFA ApprovedRanking
Mitre Ultimatch Match Football£21.003, 4 and 5No8.2
Precision Rotario Match Football£19.953, 4 and 5FIFA Quality8.1
Pro Quality Footballs Already Reviewed
Pro Quality FootballsRRPSizesFIFA ApprovedRanking
Precision Nueno Pro Football£29.954 and 5FIFA Quality Pro (5)8.8
Mitre Delta Pro Football£35.004 and 5FIFA Quality Pro8.7

Football Size Guide