Does The Mitre Ultragrip Netball Have An Ultra Grip?

Mitre Ultragrip Netball Old Version
Is The Ultragrip A Grippy Netball?

The graphics on the Mitre Ultragrip netball and now has a new design. However we had the older graphic netball when we did this review. The netball is basically the same though but the 2021 model has new graphics and colour scheme. The grip on both designs is exactly the same though, with a pyramid style emboss. The style of grip isn’t on any of the other netballs and in all honesty, the grip is no better or worse than others in the range. The grip is rounded and placed in a triangular configuration on the netball. Each traingle has an alternate large and small group of pimples. This is thought to appeal to younger players and improve their grip on the ball.

Mitre Ultragrip Netball Old Version
Is The Mitre Ultragrip A Match Or Training Netball?

The Mitre Ultragrip netball is classed as a match ball by Mitre. It is their budget match netball though and we imagine could be used as a good quality training ball too. Although it is a bit pricey to be used as a training netball though. It is available in sizes 4 and 5 so gives a good level of choice for all standards of player and age.

Available From Sportsballshop
2021 Ultragrip Design
Available From Amazon
Why Have Mitre Changed The Graphics On The Ultragrip?

Manufacturers seem to update the graphics on their ranges of balls to keep them looking fresh. The graphics get updated every 2 to 3 years and helps you know if you have old or current stock. Sometimes the designs are dreadful and other times they can increase sales. As for the new designs on this Ultragrip….the jury is out. We had mixed opinions on the colours used and felt it was quite dull. We couldn’t work out if the V graphics we appealing or not. As clubs were shut when we reviewed we couldn’t ask for a wider opinion.

Mitre Ultragrip Match Netball

rrp £15.50





Value For Money





  • Match Netball
  • Size 4 and 5
  • Pyramid grouped pimple grip surface
  • Single colourway
  • Mitre's budget match netball


  • Not blown over with the new graphics

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