The Best Rubber Basketballs

If you are looking for the best rubber basketballs then the choice is vast. All of the balls we have reviewed have been inflated and used to ensure the quality is good. In fact all of the rubber basketballs we looked at scored at least 8/10. All of the top brands have a range of rubber balls as this is where the biggest market is. The balls are extremely durable so make them an obvious choice for the residential market. Some brands have introduced a range of colours to offer some variety in a busy market place.

The rrp can be a little misleading but does range from £11 to £20, with the higher end being more performance rubber. The softness of the outer layer is often the main difference between an expensive ball and a cheaper one. Also the price you pay can be influenced by the amount of money each brand spends on marketing and sponsorship.

Rubber BasketballsRRPVFMSizesRanking
Wilson MVP Elite £13.958.3Size 6 and 78.6
Wilson Performance All Star £17.958.6Size 78.6
Molten BGR Rubber£18.957.8Size 5, 6 and 78.6
Lusum Munifex Rubber£14.998.7Size 5, 6 and 78.5
Midwest Pro League£10.958.8Size 5, 6 and 78.4
Spalding TF150 Outdoor £16.998.3Size 5, 6 and 78.2
Spalding NBA Rubber£12.998.0Size 5, 6 and 78.1

Rubber Basketballs

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Lusum Munifex Basketball
Lusum Munifex Basketball

Great Value for money

Spalding TF-150 Basketball
Spalding TF150 Basketball

Rated highly for durability

Spalding NBA Basketball

Get it whilst you can

As we inflate and test every ball, we do think we can be balanced in our opinion. The brands we looked at are all at the top end of the UK market and include Molten, Wilson, Spalding, Lusum, Mid-West and Baden. 3 balls all came out ranked joint top however it was only the Molten BGR balls that were available in all 3 sizes.

Some clubs and school buy the rubber balls in large quantities and take a different colour in each size. This ensures the balls sizes are quickly identifiable and makes it quicker to pack away. Size 5 is suitable for ages up to 11 years, Size 6 is for ages 11 to 14 and continues to be the size used in women’s basketball. Size 7 is for ages 14 and above. If a child is particularly tall though, go for the next size up.