The Best Outdoor Basketballs

If you are looking for the best outdoor basketballs then the choice is incredible. However, there are 2 types of basketball suitable for use outdoors rubber and composite leather. This section relates to the composite leather basketballs and we have a separate section covering rubber basketballs.

Prices range from £25 to £70 so there is a massive difference in costs. Our reviews should help you decide if the more expensive balls are actually worth the extra money. We have been able to review a decent number to get a fair reflection of what is available. As with all reviews we have had each ball inflated and in our hands, this way we can actually feel the quality

Outdoor BasketballsRRPVFMSizesRanking
Spalding Neverflat£64.998.0Size 78.3
Wilson Reaction Pro£34.508.4Size 5, 6 and 78.2
Lusum Optio Outdoor £34.998.3Size 5, 6 and 78.2
Spalding NBA Grip Control £54.998.0Size 78.2
Molten BG3000 £29.958.2Size 5, 6 and 78.0
Spalding NBA Replica£39.997.2Size 77.9

Outdoor Basketballs

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Spalding Grip Control Basketball

Great quality size 7 only

Most of the outdoor basketballs do not seek FIBA approval as they are unlikely to be used in FIBA tournaments. It is so expensive to seek FIBA Approval that it isn’t in the interests of the manufacturers to incur the extra costs. The qualities of the basketballs are more durable than indoor specific balls and are very popular with clubs, schools and for use at home. High quality outdoor basketballs are produced by brands including Molten, Wilson, Spalding, Lusum and Baden. There are other brands available and if you would like us to review a ball not on our list please send one in for us to process.

As mentioned there is a wide choice available and most brands also make the balls in sizes 5, 6 and 7. Some brands try to introduce new colours but the traditional tan colour is still the most popular. Although these are listed as outdoor basketballs they can be used indoors too. Most will perform to a high level and there are some fantastic bargains available. The best selling ball is still the Molten BG3000 basketball followed closely by the Wilson Reaction Pro ball.