The Best Indoor Basketballs

There are so many basketballs on the market today that making an informed decision can be quite tricky. We aim to make the selection process easier for you by ranking each model and splitting each type of ball into a smaller section. This section covers indoor basketballs. As the heading suggests, they are not recommended for use outside. The outer material tends to be made from the highest quality leather or composite leather, which makes them quite expensive.

Molten, Wilson and Spalding are the 3 mains brands within the UK. With Molten being the biggest brand at present. Spalding and Wilson will both be the NBA ball supplier during 2021, although not at the same time. As Wilson take over from Spalding during the 2nd half of the year.

Indoor BasketballsRRPFIBA ApprovedSizesRanking
Wilson Evolution Game£54.95NoSize 6 and 78.5
Molten BG4500 Game£69.95YesSize 6 and 78.4
Molten BG3800 Indoor£44.95YesSize 6 and 78.2

Indoor Basketballs

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Indoor Basketballs often have the FIBA Approved stamp on them, which indicates a high quality ball. These balls have to go through rigorous testing if they want to be used in level 1 basketballs tournaments. Without this stamp they cannot be used in FIBA sanctioned competitions. However, basketballs that do not have the FIBA stamp, are probably still a high quality ball. Some brands have the leagues signed up for a number of years and it isn’t prudent for a brand to seek FIBA Approval if their ball is unlikely to be used in level 1 competitions. Having the FIBA stamp on the ball can add a lot to costs and you may be able to get a similar quality without the stamp.

Basketballs are manufactured in sizes 5, 6 and 7 however, it is rare to find a size 5 ball in this sector. The feel and look of the indoor basketballs, have a higher quality appearance, having said that, they won’t last as long if used outside. So, double check if you need an indoor ball before making a purchase, as a cheaper option may be more suitable.