How Do I Know If I Should Buy A Rubber, Indoor or Outdoor Basketball?

The simple answer to the question on which ball you should buy, would be to work out where the basketball is most likely to be used. If it is for recreational use in the garden, then ideally a longer lasting ball would be required as the abrasive surfaces are likely to break down the outer layer quicker. So, a rubber or outdoor basketball would be the best option. If you are using the basketball indoors, then you can buy any type of basketball. The indoor basketballs should never be used outdoors as they won’t last very long, as they are designed to only be used indoors.

Molten Basketballs
Rubber Basketballs Already Reviewed
Rubber BasketballsRRPVFMSizesRanking
Wilson MVP Elite £13.958.3Size 6 and 78.6
Wilson Performance All Star £17.958.6Size 78.6
Molten BGR Rubber£18.957.8Size 5, 6 and 78.6
Lusum Munifex Rubber£14.998.7Size 5, 6 and 78.5
Midwest Pro League£10.958.8Size 5, 6 and 78.4
Spalding TF150 Outdoor £16.998.3Size 5, 6 and 78.2
Spalding NBA Rubber£12.998.0Size 5, 6 and 78.1
What Is The Best Brand Of Basketballs?

The best brand of basketballs, is the one you like the most. You shouldn’t be influeced by your peer’s. If you like a ball and it suits your budget and type of play, then surely that is the best brand. Not everyone thinks like that though so we have included as many brands as possible to suit all tastes. These include

  • Molten
  • Wilson
  • Spalding
  • Baden
  • Lusum
  • The list is likely to get bigger over the next few months as we bring more reviews online.
Outdoor Basketballs Already Reviewed
Outdoor BasketballsRRPVFMSizesRanking
Spalding Neverflat£64.998.0Size 78.3
Wilson Reaction Pro£34.508.4Size 5, 6 and 78.2
Lusum Optio Outdoor £34.998.3Size 5, 6 and 78.2
Spalding NBA Grip Control £54.998.0Size 78.2
Molten BG3000 £29.958.2Size 5, 6 and 78.0
Spalding NBA Replica£39.997.2Size 77.9
Why Do Balls Associated With National Leagues Cost More?

The cost of the basketball has many contributing factors; materials, FIBA Approval, brand and sponsorship deals. The bigger brands can command better cost prices from the factories that manufacture the balls on their behalf, although this might not feed it’s way down to the consumer, as these brands tend to have larger overheads too. The types of materials used in manufacture, have a major bearing on the final cost of the ball; composite leather is obviously more expensive than rubber. If the brand decide to get the basketball approved by FIBA, so it can carry the badge has cost implications, as this process isn’t cheap. Finally if a brand sponsors a player or league, then this cost is inevitably paid for by the end user, this fact is often overlooked though.

Indoor Basketballs Already Reviewed
Indoor BasketballsRRPFIBA ApprovedSizesRanking
Wilson Evolution Game£54.95NoSize 6 and 78.5
Molten BG4500 Game£69.95YesSize 6 and 78.4
Molten BG3800 Indoor£44.95YesSize 6 and 78.2
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