Ball Size Guides

How Do I Know What Size Ball I Should Be Using?

Knowing what size ball to use varies from sport to sport. Some sports have 3 sizes or more and knowing what size to use, is important to know. If you are using the incorrect size this could hamper the player’s development.

Maybe it isn’t you that will be using the ball, you may be researching as you plan to buy a ball as a gift, so do not have knowledge of the sizes available. These Ball Size Guides will help you select the correct size and not make the mistake of buying the wrong size ball and then having to go through a costly returns process.

What Size Ball Should I Buy If A Player Moves Up An Age Group Next Year?

Knowing what size ball to buy is only one of the issues you may have when looking to buy a ball, for personal use or as a gift. If the ball is for your own use, you will know what stage of development you are currently at, so should be able to make an educated decision. If you are buying as a gift, it would be wise to ask the player, parent or coach what size they currently use and take advice from those closer to the player, to help select the correct size ball.

However, if you are a distance away from the person that will be using the ball, then this guide should help. If a player is moving up to a new age group within the next 2 to 3 months and the ball size changes, you might want to consider buying the ball size for the higher age group. This is purely for economic reasons as it would be a complete waste of money to buy a ball as a gift, especially if the ball will be the wrong size within months. However, if the ball is the only ball available to the player to use, then it would be a better option to buy the correct size, so they can use straight away.

It does depend on the cost of the ball though, as spending £30 or more on a ball, would make the purchase a longer term purchase, whereas buying a ball for £6 is generally thought of as a short term purchase and is likely to be replaced yearly.